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What is Art of Planning's Obligations to You?


  • conducting in-depth reviews of clients' financial circumstances, current provision and future aims;

  • analysing information and preparing plans best suited to individual clients' requirements;

  • completing risk analyses;

  • researching the marketplace and providing clients with information on new and existing products and services;

  • designing financial strategies;

  • assisting clients to make informed decisions;

  • researching information from various sources, including providers of financial products;

  • reviewing and responding to clients changing needs and financial circumstances;

  • negotiating with product suppliers for the best possible rates;

  • keeping up to date with financial products and legislation;

  • contacting clients with news of new financial products or changes to legislation that may affect their savings and investments; and

  • meeting the regulatory aspects of the role, e.g. requirements for disclosure, costs of the services provided and also the advised products.

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