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Financial Coach

A Financial Coach is a Personal Finance expert that is knowledgeable about debt, credit, saving, retirement, budgeting, paying for college, and spending wisely. They are not financial planners, although they do educate people on the different types of investments and insurance.

  • A bad Financial Coach will sell you a debt consolidation plan or debt management plan.

  • A good Financial Coach is someone who will work with you to improve your money situation.

  • A great Financial Coach is one who will explain how money really works and bust the myths about debt that we have been sold for so long.

  • The BEST Financial Coach is one who has the heart of a teacher, not a salesman.


Why work with a Financial Coach?

Everyone’s financial situation is different. You might have 2 kids and your neighbor might also have 2 kids but one of them is in college. Your best friend could have 2 kids but is a single mom, and your sister’s 2 kids are newborn twins! Can you see how each one of these family’s finances could be different? This is just one example of how dynamiceveryone’s finances are, just like snowflakes.


Justin Bieber has a vocal coach, Tiger Woods has a swing coach, and Zooey Deschanel has an acting coach. Each one of these famous, successful people have talent but would have burned out, injured themselves, or made simple mistakes without having their coaches train them improve their “game”.


If you wanted to improve your business, you would hire a consultant. If you wanted to improve your marriage, you would hire a counselor. If you wanted to improve your money, you would want to hire a Financial Coach. Working one-on-one with a Financial Coach will help you identify the problems in YOUR checkbook, get you to turn around, and lead you in the right direction with your money.


“Where there is no counsel the people fall, but in the multitude of counselors there is safety” God said this in Proverbs11:14. He’s a pretty smart guy so I figure he’s probably right.


Financial planning is all about helping you manage the many changes you experience in life. Whether it’s planning to pay for college, the loss of a loved one, caring for aging parents or something totally unexpected, you’ll know how to be prepared.  At Art of Planning, we will show you how to creatively manage it all through our unique Alternative Financial Planning & Coaching ideas.


Art of Planning helps affluent families address the complex challenges of managing significant wealth. By providing an exceptional level of service and access to comprehensive global capabilities, we can help you preserve and grow your financial, family and social capital.


Art of Planning Financial Life Coaches will address our clients’ most important concerns and aspirations, from coordinating investment strategy and managing risk in multiple portfolios and entities worldwide, to aligning family governance structures and estate plans with their values and hopes for future generations, to connecting them with our investment bankers and capital markets specialists. We begin with gaining an in-depth understanding of every client’s specific needs and objectives. Then we tailor a wealth management approach that considers all of their goals—for their investments, and for their lives.      


Here at Art of Planning, we streamline the process so that we can meet your needs for every stage of your life.


What does a Financial Coach do?

  • We get to know YOU and your finances

  • Help you learn how to live on less than you make

  • Give you the tools that it takes to manage money

  • Offer recommendations and show you how these changes will improve your net worth

  • Continue to educate and encourage you

  • Take our hands off the wheel and allow you to become a millionaire!​


Important Financial Coaching Services

Here is a list of some of the financial coaching services offered. Typically, financial coaches are trained in all of these areas.


Getting Out Of Debt

Perhaps you’re struggling with credit card debt, student loan debt, or a mortgage you just can’t afford anymore. Or maybe the phone is ringing off the hook with calls from creditors. Whatever debt blues you’re experiencing are trained to help you successfully navigate your situation.


Saving For Retirement

While not all financial coaches are stock brokers, they can help you find more money in your budget to invest. A financial coach looks at the big picture, helping you figure out how much money you can put towards retirement. They consider every angle: how much debt you have, how much money you have in emergency savings, where you are at in life (about to have a baby, going to college, etc.) and many more variables. All of these variables matter, and a financial coach can help you navigate these complexities.


Making And Maintaining A Budget

Learning how to make a budget and stick to it is vital for your longterm financial success. A financial coach can help you make a customized budget and train you on how to keep the budgeting process alive. Knowing what budgeting categories to put in your budget is important – you don’t want to forget something like anniversary gifts!


Building A Fully-Funded Emergency Fund

This is something many people just don’t do. According, the average Canadian family’s savings account balance is $3,800. For many families, that money would only last them a month or two if the household breadwinner lost their job. Is it possible to save more? A financial coach would show you how.


Increasing Income

While making and maintaining a budget will keep your spending under control, don’t forget to find ways to increase your income! A financial coach can help you explore your skills and apply them to real world jobs.  There is a lot of overlap between financial coaching and career coaching, and many financial coaches have business sense (they usually run their own businesses). So whether you’re looking to work for someone else or work for yourself, a financial coach will be able to point you in the right direction.


Is Financial Coaching Really Right For Me?

It’s not for everyone. If you’re financially savvy and have been budgeting for years, you can probably skip financial coaching.


But if you don’t have a budget, have frequent money fights with your spouse, can’t fall asleep at night because of financial concerns, or can’t seem to get out of debt . . . it might be time for some financial coaching.


In Short:
Financial coaching is the giving of financial advice tailored to the client’s needs, usually over an extended period of time. Just like a fitness coach holds their clients accountable for their diet and exercise routines, a financial coach holds their clients accountable to sound financial management principles. Many financial coaches also offer one-time sessions if you need a financial checkup.


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