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Top 9 Questions we will ask you

  1. Your personal situation – including information about your job, where you live, whether you’re married, and whether you have children or other dependants.

  2. Your goals – and when you want to reach them.

  3. Your current investments – including investments you hold in non-registered accounts, registered accounts such as an RRSP, a TFSA or an RESP, and any workplace pension and savings plans.

  4. How you feel about risk – and what kind of investor you are. For example, are you a conservative investor or are you more willing to take on risk to meet your goals?

  5. Any money you earn and owe – Do you earn a salary, rental income, business income? Do you have a mortgage, car loan, student loan, credit cards, personal loans or business loans?

  6. Your insurance – such as life, auto or health insurance. Mention any insurance coverage you have paid for yourself or that you receive through work.

  7. Your taxes – including income tax, property tax and tax on your investments.

  8. Your will – If you have one, the planner will want to review it.

  9. Your estate – How much money and property will you leave behind after your death and what you would like to do with it?

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